The Congress

Architectural tour

Buenos Aires is a chaotic city with chaotic architecture. Nothing seems to make sense, and yet the product of its eclecticism is attractive to travel, visit and walk.

The city has a not very explored architectural diversity, which extends from French academicism to rationalism. Wandered through Buenos Aires is like wandering the squares of a chessboard, with streets in a grid inherited from the Spanish colonization. But suddenly, like an oasis in the desert, ghostly appear diagonals or circular neighborhoods. The traditional scheme breaks and all of a sudden we seem to be transported to another place.

Buenos Aires is like a puzzle where the pieces seem not to fit, although in a messy way, sometimes even randomly, they end up fitting.

This tour will visit some of the city’s most emblematic buildings, observing the variety of styles, influences andunique inventions in the world.

The guide specializes in art, architecture, and history. His experience and culture will be a vital part of the journey to be able to appreciate more easily the essence of the city.

The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and can be done by bus or on foot.

The dates and the way to book the tour will be informed closer to the beginning of our Congress.

Fotos ByN: Sebastián Porro