The Congress

Clinical Day


“Knowledge is not an awakening, and if we have to choose, it is more of a dream.”
J.-A. Miller, El ultimísimo Lacan, Paidós, Buenos Aires, 2012, p. 185.

At the Clinical Day of the upcoming Congress of the WAP, we will have the opportunity to investigate how the parlêtre lives in the dream of the Oedipus and how the real lives in its awakening, directing the question to what keeps the impossible in the dream itself, and to what it awakens, a horizon always present in the practice of Lacanian psychoanalysis.

In the clinic read since the last teaching of Lacan, where the revelation no longer has the same place and where the symptomatic remnants highlight the incurable - beyond the traversing of the fantasy, the lightning, the new remainder of knowledge and the subjective modification that accompanies it - there is a remnant, a remainder, a jouissance, a satisfaction that does not change.

Thus, the interpretation of dreams will no longer be a decipherment of the unconscious, because the sinthome, including in itself that which does not change, is not a formation of the unconscious, nor is it destined to lift and disappear. Only a new singular arrangement is possible upon finding that there is no Other of the Other. The only revelation will then be that object a is a cause of jouissance.

In this passage from the transferential unconscious (an unconscious felt and subject to interpretation) to the real unconscious, we find a subject that cannot awaken (otherwise than through revelation); no longer subject of the signifier or of identification, but a speaking body, where the Other is discarded and where only the primacy of reality subsists, emphasizing the parasitic dimension of the signifier itself. In this way, we are called to verify, in the use of the clinical work of the dream that we invoke, how a certain adjustment occurs between the speaking body and the unconscious.

To conclude, faced with the realization that the unconscious does not decipher, but ciphers, the Clinical Day of the next congress of the WAP, "Dream. Its Interpretation and Use in Lacanian Treatment" will be an opportunity to take stock of the future of the Freudian dream in our clinic, guided by the teachings of Jacques Lacan and Jacques-Alain Miller.

Alejandra Glaze and Luis Tudanca
Responsible of the Clinical Day


Thematic axis

  • The dream of anguish and the impact on the body
  • The dream and the objects a. Fixations of jouissance
  • The dream, its interpretation and its limits
  • The dream in the clinic with children
  • The desire to dream. Desire to wake up
  • Dreams and repetition. Traumatic dreams. Nightmare
  • Dream and transference
  • Dream at the beginning of analysis. Dreams at the end
  • The use of dream in psychosis
  • Function of the imaginary in the dream


Conditions and deadline for the submission of papers

  • Only papers coming from members of the WAP will be accepted.
  • It is necessary to be officially registered for the Congress.
  • The contributions to the Clinical Day must be clinical.
  • To propose a paper, it is necessary to send the complete text, while specifying the axis/theme to which it belongs.
  • The papers will be strictly limited to 7,500 characters (spaces included).
  • Papers submitted must be in Word format, left-aligned. Please include the full name of the author, their school, title of the paper, and thematic axis. Please include the name of the author in the subject.
  • The deadline to receive the papers is 5 january 2020.
  • Each proposal will be evaluated by two colleagues from a Selection Committee composed of members of all the schools of the WAP.
  • IMPORTANT: The rooms in which the Clinical Day will be held will not have simultaneous translation. For this reason, colleagues whose proposals have been accepted will be asked to facilitate the translation of their text into another language (which will be indicated) for projection on screen. This translation, which it is the author’s responsibility to provide, will be the condition of the final admission of the paper. It will be understood that the submission of a proposal to present a paper implies the acceptance of this condition.


Papers should be sent by email to the following address

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Scientific Committee

  • Alejandra Glaze (Responsable)
  • Luis Tudanca (Responsable)
  • Marina Recalde
  • Florencia Dassen
  • Silvia Salman
  • Osvaldo Delgado
  • Gabriela Dargenton
  • Daniel Millas
  • Alicia Yacoi
  • Marta Serra
  • Pascale Fari
  • Thierry Jacquemin
  • Maria Cristina Giraldo
  • Heloísa Telles
  • Florencia Fernández Coria Shanahan
  • Carlo de Panfilis
  • Gabriela Camaly
  • Debora Nitzcaner
  • Marita Salgado
  • Adela Bande- Alcantud
  • Gustavo Freda
  • Marina Lusa
  • Liliana Salazar- Redon
  • Beatriz Saldarriaga
  • Ricardo Schabelman
  • Valeria Sommer - Dupont
  • Beatriz Vindret

Translated by Liliana Kruszel
Reviewed by Isabel Aguirre